These rules are based on current laws in Bulgaria. In public places,
there is a CCTV system in the hotel and the restaurant. By using the hotel’s services, you agree to video surveillance.
Lecardo Hotel guarantees the confidentiality of the guest’s information and personal data.
The administration may cease providing service to guests if guests are violating the rules and refusing to follow hotel’s policy and rules.


Upon arrival to the hotel the guest must provide an identification document to procees with the registration.
• The equipment in each room is examined before check-in and after check-out.
• The guests are responsible for all damages and missing items in their rooms. In the event of damages, the guest is required to pay compensation.
Items forgotten by the guests are stored for no more than 1 month. The costs of delivery and return are covered by the customer.

• Check-in takes place after 14:00, check-out ends no later than 12:00.
• If you want to check-out at a later time, make the request to the reception for possible confirmation.
• Breakfast is served in the main restaurant.
Moving food and drinks in/out of the hotel’s restaurants and bars is forbidden.

Cleaning of the room::
• Cleaning of the rooms takes place daily from 08:00 to 17:00
• If you have put the “Do not disturb” sign or would like the cleaning to be done after 17:00, please, contact the hotel administration.
• Evening cleaning takes place from 18:00 to 22:00.
Car Parking:
• The hotel has free open parking.
• Parking spaces cannot be reserved.
• The hotel bears no responsibility for any damages to cars on open parking.

Accomodation with pets:

• Pets under 3 kg are allowed on the premises.
• Pets are only allowed if all documents regarding registration and immunisation are provided.
• Pets are not allowed in hotel restaurants and the chlidren’s corner.
• Walking of the pets is only allowed outside of the hotel premises. They have to be held on arms at the hotel’s public spaces.
• Pets have to be monitored by their owners at all times.
• All disturbances, including barking or whining, must be stopped immediately, since this can negatively affect the comfort of other guests.
• The guests are responsible for any material damages and/or injuries caused by their pets to hotel property or other guests. Guests are also required to pay full compensation for such damages.
• The hotel reserves the right to demand financial compensation from the guest for the damages, caused by their pet.


• Smoking in any of the rooms or other indoor spaces at the hotel. A violation of this rule is punishable by addition of 300 lev to the room cost.
• Giving the room keycard to unauthorised persons.
• Storing hazardous materials and/or items.
• Moving furniture in/out of the room.
• Violating generally accepted norms of behaviour, aggressive behaviour and/or actions, threatening the lives and property of other persons.
• Damaging hotel property.
• Parking cars at the hotel entrance and exit, along with blocking car and pedestrian movement.